And so it begins…

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I had debated for quite a while whether to turn my original website into my blog AND my art. It would have been the most convenient but I am so happy to have a special place just for my art and my creative journey. is still up for now! Haven’t made the decision to take it down yet. We shall see! But in the mean time, please bare with me as I work on getting my “portfolio” working on this site! I’m very excited to announce you will be able to purchase items directly through the website! If you’ve checked out the “shop” page already you probably noticed that there is nothing there. Don’t worry! I’ll be updating and adding things soon. Thank you for taking an interest in my art and for those of you that have supported me thus far, I wouldn’t be here with out you! I love seeing pieces I sell in their new homes, having their special place in someone else’s life too.




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  1. So very PROUD of you and love seeing all your art talent! Love you ❤️

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