Instagram, motivation and learning to say no!

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I have a genuine love/hate relationship with social media. Do you ever feel so overwhelmed by adds, content, sales pitches etc? I do. But what I do love is being able to interact and get to know people that I connect with. I’ve enjoyed being able to do that through my art. Have you ever searched the hashtags #art, #drawing or #painting on instagram? One word, AMAZING. I’ve connected with hundreds of other artists sharing their own work. My favorite is finding artists that don’t have thousands of followers but they’re just starting to post their work.

There are some brilliantly creative people out there.

IMG_0562Some people wonder where artists get their motivation and inspiration. I can’t speak for everyone but personally its very organic. I always have something on me that I can jot down ideas, whether that’s a note on my phone, or my Passion Planner. Some ideas are so sudden and the feeling I get when I have them is exhilarating. Being a creative, we are constantly thinking of new ways to express ourselves. Its like being able to invent something new every day of our lives. For example, I had an idea several months ago for a painting series that I jotted down and had stuck on my “idea board” (which is currently a place up in my head). It milled around in there for a while until a week ago I thought of it again and was totally engulfed in more planning. And I am SO excited to put paint to canvas and have it start coming together.

I don’t force my creativity.

If I do I get frustrated and am never happy with what comes out of it. I’ve learned to say no to things people have wanted me to paint or draw if I know it won’t be a good representation of who I am as an artist. I know its hard for people to understand that, but its nothing personal towards them, if I’m not “feelin’ it” its not happening! For those of you that are here with me now on this journey, thank you. I can’t wait to see where I’ll be with my art in a year, 5 years, 10 years. I’ve never been happier and excited about the direction I’m headed.

If you would love to keep up with what I am currently working on you’ll have to check out my instagram! @rochelleannart



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